Sunglasses and Lady at the beach


How To Find The Best Pair of Sun Glasses

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The Most Popular Brands of Sunglasses and How to Find the Best

There are many different sunglasses on the market today.  Of course, like with anything, some brands are of higher quality than others are.  In fact, some brands are pretty cheap and will break or scratch very easily.  Others may be priced fairly low but are actually good sunglasses.  Here are some of the most popular brands out there and some tips on how to find the best pair on the market.

Sunglasses and Lady at the beach

Ray Ban

Ray Ban sunglasses have been popular for quite some time.  Based in Italy, Ray Ban is one of the biggest sunglasses manufacturers in the world.  They were originally brought to the U.S. by the Army Air Corps.


While they are mainly known for their shoes and other luxury accessories, Prada also makes sunglasses.  They are another company based in Italy (Milan specifically).  Their sunglasses are going to be costly, but Prada is known for making items that look amazing and last.

Emporio Armani

Founded in 1975, Emporio Armani may be a little bit younger than some other sunglasses companies, but that doesn’t mean they are lacking in style or quality.  You may find this brand to be a little more affordable than some.


Donna Karan New York, or DKNY, is an American brand name.  Founded in 1988, they are even younger than Emporio Armani.  However, some people do prefer to buy American, and if you do, DKNY may be your brand of choice.


Polaroid is another American brand that builds electronics and eye wear.  While they are most known for their cameras, they make nice sunglasses, too.


Oakley is another very popular sun glass brand.  Founded in 1975 in California, they were perhaps the most sought-after brand in the late 90s.  While they are not as hot now, they still make very high quality sunglasses that are stylish, affordable, and offer great eye protection.

Determining the Best Pair of Sun Glasses for You

With these brands and more on the market, how do you determine the best brand for you?  Do you look at just the price?  While that can be helpful, it is not the only thing to consider.  If you rule out all of the sunglasses you cannot afford, you’ll still have a variety to choose from.

Some people make the choice based on looks, and that’s certain something to consider.  Some sunglasses are too large for certain people’s faces, while others may be too small.  You want a pair of sunglasses that looks right on you.  Many people take great care to select the best prescription glasses but then do not really pay attention to their sunglasses.  Take the time to try on a few different pairs and see how they look on you.

Then there’s the coating.  While all sunglasses are tinted, not all of them use the same type of tinting.  Some filter out more ultraviolet light than others do.  The color of the lenses is another factor.  While yellow tint may help make it easier to see objects, the light is too harsh for some.  Brown lenses, on the other hand, help with contrast, but they also distort some colors.  Again, you’ll want to try different tints to see which is the most comfortable for you.

You may also want to look for gradient lenses.  These lenses are darker at the top of the lens and lighter at the bottom.  This helps protect the eyes when looking up but doesn’t distort vision as much when looking down.  This can be very helpful when driving or when wearing sunglasses indoors, something that has become fairly fashionable in recent years.

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