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How To Stretch A Dollar When Shopping For Electronics

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Stretch the Most from your Dollar when Shopping for Electronics


Electronic gadgets seem to come at us from all sides these days.  It seems like as soon as you get the newest one, there’s a newer one on the market that does even more!  Keeping up with it all can make you dizzy, not to mention seriously dent your bank account.  However, if you’re a technophile or simply want to have the newest iPhone, you have to make your budget stretch just a bit.  Here are a few ideas on how to get the most for your dollar when you’re shopping for electronics, even if they’re not the newest.

 Comparison Shop

The first rule of shopping for anything is to comparison shop.  Even if you are loyal to one store, it’s always a good idea to see what others are offering.  They may have a special bundle that doesn’t cost much more than the single product, or they might be having a special.  Also, be sure to check both online and brick and mortar stores.  Sometimes, you can get free shipping with online orders, so you may actually pay less when purchasing items online.  However, if you buy it in the store, there’s the thrill of having the product right then and there.  In addition, the free shipping may be one of the slower shipping options.

Decide What You Need

Sometimes, new gadgets come with different options.  Do you need to have a large amount of memory on your phone, or can you get by with less?  If you are buying a new video game console, do you need the bundle that comes with a sports game?  If it’s not something you would play often, maybe you can get the system only and buy another game that you like better.  Do you really need the largest flat screen television the store has in stock?  Maybe not.  Sometimes our first instinct is to get the bigger and better option, but it’s not always the best.

Do You Need It Right Now?

If you feel like you always have to be on the cutting edge of technology, then the answer may be yes.  Nevertheless, if you can wait a few months, you may see prices drop a bit.  Stores might have specials or, if the product didn’t sell well, the manufacturer may permanently lower the price just to sell more units.  If it’s really not something you need right away, wait until the next model is announced.  Usually, stores then discount the current models to clear out their stock.

 Can You Do a Trade-in?

 Some businesses will give you a discount if you trade in your current model.  This sometimes happens with cell phones or video game systems.  You will not always get a huge discount, but you’ll save a little bit of money.  You will also get rid of a device you may never use again.

 Can You Buy Used Or Refurbished?

Some people want to be the first person to own the product.  Others wonder about the quality of refurbished electronics.  However, in most cases, there’s nothing wrong with buying used or refurbished, and they can be as much as half off the cost.  A reputable vendor will test all used or refurbished electronics before selling them, and many offer money-back guarantees.  If you are familiar with the business or do some research on them and see that they have a good reputation, buying a refurbished product may be a great way of saving money.

Shopping For Electronics

Think Before You Buy

While everyone makes an impulse purchase now and then, when it comes to electronics, it is definitely better to do a little research before you buy.  Doing so will help you stretch your budget so that you can both pay your bills and get the latest electronic device.

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